Helena Wee

Asia Elects

Asia Elects

In Duriana, a country of fragrant Asian mystery, the presidential candidates are gearing up for the country's elections. Several candidates, with apparently different manifestos and visions for the nation have been campaigning for months. One, the incumbent, is the sitting premier hoping to stay in power. The others oppose the establishment, stress free and fair elections, and find themselves running off against each other.

The Duriana Electoral Commission invites you, the electorate, to come and meet the candidates, (un)read their manifestos and propaganda, put a cross in the box and intervene for yourselves. Who is worthy of being Duriana's next President? Who will lead the people to prosperity, justice and dignity in the coming years? Who can bring out the best from our political and economic diversity? What are your dilemmas over?

The contending parties have prepared printed and digital materials for your benefit. Engage them well before making your choice. Scientific polling surveys suggest that this election is expected to be close. Security will be tight, but rest assured your vote will be counted and the proceedings monitored by an international team of democracy overseers.

N.B. Latecomers will not be allowed to vote, so get here on time to ensure your voice is heard. Repeat voting is of course prohibited and we will be deploying measures to ensure the integrity of our, sorry, your election.

Asia Elects at Art Licks Weekend

Image by Helena Wee. Event originally conceived by Helena Wee and Fuad Ali. Co-Curators Helena Wee, Fuad Ali and Hamja Ahsan