Helena Wee

Qi Dao Prayer

Qi Dao Prayer Qi Dao Prayer Qi Dao Prayer

A structure made of two Calabai-Yau manifolds rotates, one inside the other. They are postulated in string theory as being how multiple dimensions of space-time fold. One is black and one is white, analogous to yin and yang or qi and dao.

In Chinese mythology dao is the formless or unconditioned founding the perfection of all things, including technical objects. Qi is the support of dao, the material energy of the universe, allowing dao to be manifested in sensible forms. According to Taoists the combination of qi and dao produces perfection or what Confucianists call sacred harmony.

When a person brings their hands together the structures' dimensionality increases. Through prayer and contemplation qi and dao may align, enhancing our awareness of nature. Yuk Hui defines cosmotechnics as the unification of the cosmos and the moral through technical activities, whether craft-making or art-making. Harmonious qi dao relations allow for a moral cosmotechnics, combining nature and the heavens through the qi of humans.

Earlier version of Qi Dao Prayer with slightly different installation setup.