Helena Wee

What the Dormouse said

Cybernetic Projectionist Cybernetic Projectionist Cybernetic Projectionist

At the Mad Hatters tea party the Dormouse talks about three little sisters learning to draw. Drawing has always been a way of expressing form and ideas. There is an ancient Chinese legend about a rabbit who mixes the elixir of life on the moon. One of the earliest Chinese pictograms was of a rabbit. Those early drawings later became language, and through language we share our discoveries with the world. Man has long had a fascination with the moon and the Chinese sent their own rover there recently. It was named Jade Rabbit in honor of the mythical rabbit of the same name. The race to seed the moon and create a colony there is on, but there are many difficulties. Although art, culture and dreams have helped push us to create innovative new technologies, their social and political impact sometimes fall short of our most altruistic desires.

Animation, square video projection, 29 seconds looped.